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May I introduce myself? My name is Roy Pfennings, Over ons 1born in 1973,

and from 28 February 2010 I am the proud owner of the Roer triangle museum in Montfort.

Together with my wife and children, brother and volunteers we ensure you that you are received in a cosy atmosphere and can enjoy our museum.

How did this come about? Since I am a little child I've been interested in the Second World War. From the beginning of 90 's I started collecting sleeve emblems and since then it has been growing. First I had a tiny room in the House a showcase and a pop, the rest was stored away in boxes and chests. I found it pity that everything sat in boxes and crates and no one could see it. When we moved to Montfort the idea came of a museum in the Hay loft of the barn. From 1 March 2010 (65 years after liberation of our village), the museum is open every first Sunday of the month or by appointment.

The Roer triangle museum: On 28 February 2010, the Roer triangle museum opening by Mayor Haase of the municipality of Roerdalen. It was then 65 years ago that the whole Roer Triangle was liberated by the allies. From that moment, the collection expanded and the museum became fuller and fuller. Also the number of visitors became each year more and more and luckily we can count on Jos and Kyro who support us as a volunteer.  Jos was from his first visit to us already enthusiastic and Kyro is with us since his social internship for the Connect College. At the end of 2014 we finally got the GMC CCKW 352 from 1941 ready and she's added to the collection. Together with my brother Danny, who owns a Dodge WC-52 from 1943, we restore vehicles and war material from that period and we go off looking for parts to many markets and fairs. See the projects page for our projects.

Collection: the collection consists of documents, utensils, uniforms etc. from the period 1939 – 1945. It comes to everyday objects which one could encounter regularly during that period. Everything is handled with care so that this is preserved for present and future generations.

Objective: With the collection the Roer Triangle museum aims a number of goals. It's nice to be able to collect militaria but there's more behind than a barn full of stuff. The goal is to educate future generations to be aware of the war period in which human sacrifice have brought so that we can live again in freedom. A great time in which we live and that freedom and tolerance is a great thing.

Education: We also visit annually from 2003 a number of elementary schools in the region. This initially went about my own employment experiences as a soldier, but soon I was also asked to tell something about the Second World War. After a wile we started the education group "War in the Roer Triangle"  that is associated with the Roer Traingle museum. Our visits to elementary schools are based on two principles, eg.  recognition and tangibility.
Recognition: using old photos and images about the developments before and during WWII in the Roer Triangle.
Tangibility: we wear during our visit old uniforms and showing old objects to display the life of that time.

Lectures: We take care for groups/associations now lectures on location. On the basis of a PowerPoint presentation and a number of objects from that period we tell the turbulent running of the period of mobilization until liberation of the Roer Triangle, the region of Limburg. For further information on this and any appointment, contact us.

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My Brother Danny                                                                                                      Volunteer Kyro                                                                                                     Volunteer Jos

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